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Welcome to the Rabid Readers Club!

To say I’ve been an avid (rather, a rabid) reader my whole life dates as far back as I can remember—to my jumping-out-of-my-skin with excitement when the Bookmobile would come into my neighborhood. Pippi Longstocking and her wild adventures on the high seas were a huge fascination for me. Such boldness! Such freedom!

Fast-forward to adulthood: I’ve been listening to audiobooks for more than 30 years. I initially started out listening to books on tape, strapping my clunky Sony® Walkman® contraption to my belt as I took long walks for exercise. Listening to books helped take my mind off the heat and humidity while I was exercising, and also was a great escape after the workday. A few years later I upgraded to a Sony Discman and marveled at the improvement in sound quality. But when Apple Computer® released their first-generation iPod® in 2001, that was it for me—I was an early and permanent convert to books in downloadable format. (Most people used their iPods for music, and I did that too, but the possibilities for books suddenly opened up to me.) came into being in 1997 and I became a subscriber shortly after purchasing that first iPod. My account says I now have 331 books archived in my library, but that can’t be right—that number sounds way too low, for 20 years of subscribing! I think a few early versions of my account (when I stopped and started a few times) must have gotten lost in the ether somewhere.

Anyway, I love to talk about books and share the best ones I’ve read with other rabid readers. I’ll post my favorites here on a regular basis. Anyone who has a comment or who has a book to recommend is welcome to join the conversation!

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