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This collection of real-life short stories focus on the amazing, funny, heart-wrenching, or absurd situations in life that stay with us—because we learned lessons, or the people we encountered made an indelible impression on us that we remember years later. Maybe we reversed course because of life-altering circumstances that were out of our control. These are the stories that fascinate me and the ones that I think are worth telling.

Most of the stories posted here initially came from my own experiences. I have been a life-long letter-writer, indefatigable e-mailer, photo-taker, and memorabilia-saver. Now, all these elements are coming together as I weave these stories from my life. 

In addition, other writers have started to submit their real-life stories for publication here, an exciting new development. If this is something that interests you, please take a look at my Submit page for submission requirements.

Current story categories found in the Posts menu above include Adventure, Animals, Travel, Inspirational People, and Just Life, for lack of a better term.

I hope you enjoy what you read here! If you do, please share these stories via email and on your social media sites. If you have any comments, I would welcome feedback in the Comments section at the end of each story. 

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Gail Bergan

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