Houston Art Car Parade, 2022

The Houston Art Car Parade took place on a beautiful sunny afternoon on April 9, 2002. It had been on hiatus for 2 years, like everything else, because of COVID-19. So the artists really pulled out all the stops! Decorated cars, motorcycles, bikes, rolling canoes, and even a giant rollerskate were on display in an explosion of creativity and fun. We really needed that!

A few notes of explanation about these photos: in the early photos the cars face to the right, pointing downtown, because I’m actually situated near the end of the parade route at the staging area, where all the cars were lining up, waiting to get into position. About in the middle they are facing to the left during the actual parade (you notice now that there are crowds lining the street) and I had a harder time getting good shots.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos. I had an amazing time that day! About 250 entries were in the parade; I only wish I could have caught that many in my photos.

If you click on the first photo it will enlarge, then you can click through like a slide show.

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  1. When I taught high school art, my students made art cars for the parade (2000, 2001). They had a blast!

    1. I’ll bet! One of my favorite cars was the one from Horn Elementary, covered with crayons! Plus it was followed by about 25 or 30 of the kids who decorated the car on foot. They were so proud!

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